We are a non-profit organization, we are looking forward to empower, educate, emotionally encourage, mentor and practically assist people in third and second world countries to live better and more successful lives by freeing them from poverty , violence, hunger and homelessness.

About Us

Our goals

Our projects are not about quick wins, but rather about long-term successes. We want to ensure that the benefits of our work lasts over time and allows third world communities to develop their own unique economies in a sustainable manner, without becoming over dependent on first world communities.

We constantly research and employ the best practices in our programs to ensure success over time and provide long-lasting benefits. Our desire is that our intervention would serve as a catalyst for communities to flourish. 


Benevity, OPEC, Arab Gulf Program for Development, King Faisal Foundation, Arab Monetary Funds, and many more.

What you need to know

How grants are served.

Grants are served on a first come first served basis but not limited to availability .

Over 670,000 personal proposals are submitted every year and all that are legitimate which are about 93% of the submitted total are funded.

And about 7,560 legit organizations submit proposals and are funded every year

Every year we hold continuous calls for grants and personal or organizational proposals submitted are reviewed and the applicants are contacted about the results of their applications with in the next 20 and 40 working days respectively and if approved the funds are disbursed immediately on approval.

Application process

  • Download application form
  • Print application form
  • Fill application form
  • Scan and submit filled form to the email listed on the application form
  • Wait for review
  • We will contact you for the results of your application using our official emails or AHF branded sms and get funded if approved

NOTE: No any costs or processing fees are incurred during the entire application process though application fees may be required if the application form is filled in any language other than English or French or in some few regions of the world as will be prompted by AHF within 14 days after submitting the application form.

How much do we give in grants?

Personal grants range from 100USD to 3,000USD only and organizational grants range from 50,000USD to 300,000USD.

We have given out grants amounting 2.742USD billions from 2017 to date! The only mode of payments we use in giving out Grants are : direct bank transfer and via western union


What People Say

Through the recent personal grant i received, I have been able to make more use of my farm land in village and even pay off the little business loan of 1,200 USD i had got and now my business is running smoothly and debt free .

Brenda Naoke. EastAfrica, Kenya

I joined this group as a paid volunteer but it has made deep positive change in my life and in my community .

Abdullah Hafiz. MiddleEast, Baharain

Get involved

With the aim of helping as many people as possible of which most of them from 3rd world countries are illiterate, we always lack local literate paid volunteers to help the illiterate apply for the grants we offer . Please contact us Here for more info.