What we fund?


We pay special attention on investing in human potential, sustaining health and our environment, improving global economies and promoting quality education.

We value the idea of locals helping locals. Our preference, when possible, is the Field Office model. In the process, we bring needed employment, develop local expertise and operate as an economic engine in the countries and communities where we work. Our offices set up local boards for accountability and council. Local staff are empowered to manage the local organization, with high degree of accountability. We mentor and train local staff to develop their capacity. Partnerships are also developed for relief and development that will be sustained locally. In summary, our humanitarian work benefits the local economy and avoids being colonial.

We provide funding primarily in six areas: Business and Industrial revolution; Agriculture, Food Safety and Security; Humanitarian assistance; Education Development; grooming Civil Society Organizations; and Financial assistance for individuals.


Small and medium enterprises in definition varies by country and institution. For example, in defining SMEs the European Union and World Bank Group focus on quantitative factors such as firm assets and employment levels. However, defining firms based on size is too limiting for our purposes. The SME Program focuses on funding transformational SMEs rather than subsistence SMEs – that is, those businesses with the capacity to innovate, compete, and grow. Some of these transformational businesses may be micro by a headcount definition; as such, our funding agenda does not follow strict criteria for firm size.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are widely seen as engines of economic growth. In developing countries, SMEs provide over 70% of formal jobs on average. SMEs are also thought to promote poverty alleviation and long-term economic growth through improved productivity, innovation, and social mobility. However, SMEs face constraints to growth that are particularly binding in developing countries.

In an effort to unlock the SME sector’s potential, Anonymous Hope Fund and other institutions spend billions of dollars every year on programs aimed at reducing the barriers to growth for SMEs. However, high-quality research on which programs successfully address the constraints to SME growth is limited, leaving decision makers without clear guidance on which programs and policies to support. There is an urgent need for evaluation of SME promotion programs in order to help steer investments to the most effective practices. To achieve this, closer collaboration between the worlds of research and policy is necessary.


Due to the rising costs in education, it becomes very challenging for students to continue with their higher education and pursue their dreams, for most students college becomes unaffordable due to its expensive fees structure. With our scholarships we play a great role in reducing the financial burden by sponsoring the college fees for these students hence making education affordable for deserving and aspiring students.

This aims at extending the reach of AHF assistance beyond the Europe and also sponsoring result oriented researches in various disciplines across the world. 

Civil Society Organizations Grants

Anonymous Hope Fund provides funding for startup CSOs and already existing CSOs eg (Churches, Saccos, Mosques, Tempos, Charity organisations, Children homes e.t.c). We give priority to CSOs that are just starting up or plan to become locally managed and sustained.

We desire to support dynamic projects that are relevant to our mission, vision and goals. Studies have proved that projects carried out by CSOs have done a very huge role in improving lives of people in third and second world countries in many aspects of life of which most aspects are those that inspire our mission, Therefore , we typically fund CSOs that are relevant to our vision


This category of Cash Grants and Financial assistance is rendered for immediate relief to families of those killed in natural calamities like floods, cyclones and earthquakes, etc. and to the victims of the major accidents and riots. In addition to this, it  provides financial assistance to individuals who have small business ideas but lack capital to finance their ideas and bring them to life. Disbursements of funds for these category are made urgently upon approval.

Our Organization has become one of the strongest levers of the Economic and Social development for second and third world countries.

Anonymous Hope Fund seeks to help launch projects as a minority partner , providing funds over a limited time period in a way that encourages self sufficiency and reliance for CSOs, SMEs and individuals. Therefore, we typically only fund upto 60 percent of a project brought on board by the grant seeker except for relief and education grants which we fund 100 percent of the required amounts.

You could be the next to receive a grant, as you may be eligible for funding.