Who we are?

The Anonymous Hope Fund® is an international Organization established in 2017 with the mission of empowering, educating, emotionally encouraging, mentoring and practically assisting people in second and third world countries to live better and more successful lives by freeing them from poverty, violence, hunger and homelessness .

We do this through supporting humanitarian projects, assisting communities, directly funding individuals and funding several businesses which are aligned to our visions and missions .

As we are pushing to empower the next generation, Anonymous Hope Fund® has gained global outreach and recognition as an outstanding pillar of global financial support.


Our projects are not about quick wins, but rather about long-term successes. We want to ensure that the benefits of our work lasts over time and allows third world communities to develop their own unique economies in a sustainable manner, without becoming dependent on first world communities.

We constantly research and employ the best practices in our programs to ensure success over time and provide long-lasting benefits. Our desire is that our intervention would serve as a catalyst for communities to flourish. 

Grants at a glance.

50+ Countries Influenced

 We have active presence in 57 countries in The Middle East, Euro-Asia, and Africa. 

37,550+ successful Projects

Since Inception we have spent millions of  Dollars in strengthening small local Businesses, supporting civil society organizations and directly funding individuals

Over 3 Million lives touched

Over 3,800,000 individuals have already claimed and received these grants.  

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This project is receiving 65% of its funding from Benevity (IB), under the Agreement number 54367. This publication reflects only the Author’s view and the Commission is not responsible for any use that maybe made of the information it contains.